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STUDER – Your 360-degree solution for internal cylindrical grinding



It was 1933 when the first internal cylindrical grinding machine, Type 01, left the premises of Fritz Studer AG. 85 years later STUDER offers what is probably the world’s largest portfolio in internal cylindrical grinding, with a range of 12 machines. 

Kptec Components GmbH from Schorndorf (Germany) is a component manufacturer for the machine tool industry. The focus is on spindles, rotors, spindle housings, draw rods and flange parts. The core competence is grinding. “Achieving micrometer precision in series is the great challenge in grinding”, states Walter Wiedenhöfer, Managing Director of Kptec Components. In the manufacture of spindle components, coaxialities of one micrometer are state-of-the-art. It is often necessary to grind an H6 fit into bores up to 400 mm deep for the clamping mechanisms of the interface. In addition, the machine must produce as economically as possible. In other words: You should only pick up the component once and then produce it completely, if possible. But a good machine must also be flexible and capable of performing unusual operations, such as relief grinding of a spindle, for instance. A machine that fulfils such requirements is the S151 universal internal cylindrical grinding machine. When fully equipped, it has three internal and one external grinding spindle, as well as a measuring probe. Kptec was convinced by it. Today, Wiedenhöfer comments: “This machine is the best we have in the company – it was absolutely the right decision to buy a STUDER machine. 

The universal machines

STUDER has the right machine for every requirement in internal cylindrical grinding. In the universal range these are the S121, S131, S141 and the S151. The affordable universal S121 is the ideal machine for internal, surface and external grinding of chuck components. The S131, S141 and S151 form a series for every conceivable application in internal cylindrical grinding. They are used wherever the highest precision and efficiency are required – for example, for flange parts, spindle shafts, spindle housings, rotor shafts, bushes and much more. The maximum workpiece weight is 250 kg, and the maximum length is 1300 mm.

For production

The S110 is a very flexible and compact internal cylindrical grinding machine, ideal for chuck applications for individual components through to small batch production. Thanks to its small footprint it can fit in any workshop. The S122 is specialized for small bores and has a swing diameter of 220 mm. It offers cutting-edge technology for machining small to medium-sized workpieces in small to large-scale production. Both types have up to three grinding spindles in a parallel arrangement, which enable external and internal grinding in a single clamping. “Price, quality, technical requirements – these were our selection criteria for a new machine. The biggest advantage is the high production capacity”, Miroslav Martinek, Production Manager at Sellier & Bellot, explains his decision to invest in an S110. 

Three sizes for radii

The S121, S131 and S141 are the experts for high-precision internal cylindrical grinding of radii, spheres, balls, cones and diameters. The maximum swing diameter is 400 mm and the maximum workpiece weight is 100 kg. The main fields of application are in the manufacture of die plates from carbide and ceramic and the production of hydraulic components such as axial pump pistons, guide plates and housings from hardened steel, cast iron and copper. The application range also includes workpieces made of industrial ceramic, sapphire and carbide for the manufacture of human implants. The automatic B-axis with direct drive allows grinding with interpolation for high-precision machining of radii. The radius grinding machines are supported by the StuderSIM software. AKS Hartmetalltechnik GmbH in Schwäbisch Gmünd has an S131 – with radius grinding option. “The sophisticated CNC technology, the ability to execute several work steps in a single clamping whilst achieving absolute precision. These criteria convinced us. Set-up times, maintenance costs and failure times can now be calculated. We also benefit from the fast response times of STUDER Customer Care”, explains Production Manager Edgar Feifel. 

Solid construction

The internal cylindrical grinding machines are based on the Granitan® machine bed with its excellent damping behavior and StuderGuide® guideway system. This system’s big advantage in comparison with hydrostatic guides is the damping component in the direction of movement. The dressing process can be flexibly and optimally adapted to the workpiece, tool and material-specific characteristics – according to the customer’s requirements. A further STUDER speciality is the grinding wheel reference points (T-numbers). These enable programming with normal dimensions, which considerably facilitates the development of grinding programs. The workhead can be moved in a longitudinal direction on the swiveling B-axis, has a high roundness accuracy and is low-maintenance. The airlift simplifies adjustment when setting up or resetting the workhead.

Sophisticated sensor technology monitors the process during grinding and dressing and offers simple registration of grinding wheel and workpiece. The air-gap elimination serves for reducing the cycle time. The modular spindle concept enables optimal adaptation to the grinding task. The direct drive in the grinding spindle turret offers minimal positioning ranges on the radius and universal grinding machines (except S110/S122). On the S122 the high-precision machining of minimal diameters can also be done efficiently, thanks to the proven arbor deflection compensation. 

Different loading systems are available for automation. Thanks to their modular design, these can be precisely adapted to the machine application and machining processes. Appropriate peripheral devices guarantee seamless integration into the respective production process. 

Different loading systems are available for automation. Thanks to their modular design, these can be precisely adapted to the machine application and machining processes. Appropriate peripheral devices guarantee seamless integration into the respective production process. 

Anyone can be a grinding expert

It is no longer necessary to be a grinding expert to operate the machine. You only need to know what the workpiece is made of and what the surface quality of the workpiece must be at the end of the process. StuderTechnology suggests the optimal grinding parameters and generates the program. StuderWIN offers the possibility of fully integrating the in-process gauging and sensor technology for process monitoring, including contact detection and automatic balancing systems in the operator interface. This enables standardized programming of the different systems. StuderWIN is supplemented by the StuderPictogramming grinding software. The operator strings the individual grinding cycles together – the control unit generates the ISO code. The machine’s functionality is enhanced by the software option for thread and form grinding. The StuderSIM software has been specially developed for the internal grinding of radii. The operating system enables programming of all basic cycles for grinding, dressing and process-supporting measurement. This type of programming guarantees high flexibility together with maximum user-friendliness. After programming, the process can be simulated and optimized. This ensures reliability, as well as guaranteeing short programming times and increased cost effectiveness.


There is hardly a workpiece that cannot be machined with the STUDER internal cylindrical grinding machines. The Swiss grinding machine manufacturer offers the right machine for all conceivable applications. The excellent ergonomics of the machines ensures comfort for the operator and also enhances the machine value.

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Meet Gleason at GrindingHub 2022




At the first GrindingHub in Stuttgart/Germany, Gleason presents hard finishing of different applications from typical e-drive to large wind power gears, including threaded wheel grinding, profile grinding, gear honing and hard Power Skiving.

Gleason welcomes present and future gear manufacturers at the upcoming GrindingHub Show in Stuttgart, Germany, the first GrindingHub ever!  At Booth 7C31 in Hall 7, Gleason will show a host of different hard finishing solutions for different applications including typical e-drive gears; truck, agricultural and construction gears; industrial gears, aerospace gears as well as wind power and even larger gears up to 5 m in diameter. Gleason’s hard finishing experts will be at the booth to discuss specific applications and answer any questions. Additionally, Gleason will live-stream several manufacturing processes from its global operations in Germany, Switzerland and the United States. Live streams will include threaded wheel grinding with in-process gear inspection, waviness evaluation and gear noise analysis, unique Combi Honing of stepped planetary pinions for e-drives, Hard Power Skiving of internal ring gears, and profile grinding of large wind power gears. To complement process and machine technologies, Gleason also shows latest hard finishing and dressing tools for polish grinding, gear honing and hard Power Skiving applications, as well as the appropriate workholding equipment and digital service solutions.

Visit Gleason-Pfauter, Tour the Showroom and See the Factory

Present and future customers can benefit from a visit at GrindingHub two-fold by stopping by at Gleason-Pfauter Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Ludwigsburg, located only 30 minutes by car from the Landesmesse Stuttgart. Gleason-Pfauter provides a look behind the scenes, a tour through showroom and factory and the possibility to meet the people working on customers’ projects.

In order to prepare visits and save time for discussions, visitors are kindly asked to communicate travel plans and their interest to visit Gleason-Pfauter in Ludwigsburg to make sure all technologies of interest are at their disposal. Free entry ticket to GrindingHub:,

Meet Gleason at GrindingHub, Landesmesse Stuttgart, Hall 7, Booth 7C31.

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Kennametal Introduces HiPACS for Aerospace Fastener Hole Drilling and Countersinking in One Step




Kennametal has introduced the HiPACS drilling and countersinking system for aerospace fastener holes. Designed to drill and chamfer holes in one operation, the high-precision tool meets the aerospace industry’s stringent accuracy requirements, while delivering increased tool life in machining composite, titanium and aluminum aircraft skins.

“Most fastener hole tools used today are complex made-to-order tools with long lead-times,” says Georg Roth, Product Manager, Kennametal. “HiPACS uses standard, off-the-shelf components for quick delivery and low cost per hole, by allowing the drill and chamfer insert to be indexed independently from one another. What’s more, it’s the only indexable drilling and countersinking system on the market that can hold the aerospace industry’s required fastener hole chamfer tolerances in just one operation.”

Three simple components eliminate the need for custom tooling
Designed to be clamped in a standard hydraulic chuck, the HiPACS modular system consists of three components that are fast and easy to assemble:

-A reducer sleeve with a built-in high-precision pocket seat. In conjunction with a standard hydraulic chuck, this component provides ultra-secure clamping and a runout of no more than 3µm, significantly increasing tool life and hole quality.
-A PCD countersinking insert. This eliminates the need for expensive custom solution step drills, reducing manufacturing costs while meeting the industry’s accuracy requirements.
-The two series of solid carbide drills —both diamond-coated and PCD-tipped—covering all material combinations found in a typical aerospace assembly. In addition, the straight shanked tools allow for length adjustments in increments of 10mm.

The new HiPACS drilling and countersinking system can be utilized on all machines typically used for aerospace applications. In less stable conditions such as robot end effectors, the diamond coated carbide drills offer excellent tool life and hole quality. PCD-tipped drills, on the other hand, excel in stable conditions such as gantry machines.

With an industry standard interface, HiPACS can be utilized on any CNC machine, and is suitable for a variety of drilling and countersinking applications.

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Grinding Wheels & Abrasive Tools

FT Gearing Count on Studer Grinders – the Count is now 16!




Quality has been described as an on-going process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating and fulfilling stated and or implied needs. Never has this definition been more appropriate than when applied to Aldershot based FT Gearing Systems Ltd. In addition to establishing long-term relationships with its customers, the renowned manufacturer of gear technology and high-precision components also enjoys enduring associations with a small number of carefully chosen machine tool suppliers.

Since the company’s inception in 1978, to ensure the efficiency and premium quality of its output, and to further expand its range of proficiencies, the business has pursued a policy of regularly investing in the best available manufacturing technologies. This prudent strategy has helped FT Gearing to earn an excellent international reputation and enabled it to broaden its customer base. In addition to its principle, global aerospace and defence industry customer base, FT Gearing now serves an increasing variety of businesses across several equally challenging, diverse industrial sectors.

When involved in the production of premium quality gear technology and high precision components, two of the most important technical prerequisites are, the ability to achieve demanding dimensional tolerances and to impart the required surface finish characteristics to workpieces. To ensure that FT Gearing Systems consistently delivers in each of these challenging areas, and to maintain maximum levels of efficiency, the company has developed close relationships with the Swiss Grinding Machine manufacturer Studer and the company’s UK agent, Advanced Grinding Supplies Ltd.

Over several years, FT Gearing Systems’ continuous expansion has led to regular additional investments in the Swiss machines, resulting in the company now operating 16 Studer CNC Grinders – the largest collection of Studer Grinders owned by a single UK company.

To further improve production efficiencies, the business has established five satellite production units that are co-located to its Impressive HQ. Each facility is dedicated to a separate manufacturing function. FT Gearing Systems’ most recently opened production unit specialises in high-precision grinding. The advanced, temperature controlled facility houses the company’s 16 Studer CNC Grinders.

Explaining the company’s loyalty to the Studer brand and the reasons for the new Grinding facility, FT Gearing Systems’ Managing Director Graham Fitzgerald said: “In addition to other challenging customers, we manufacture and supply both domestic and overseas defence and aerospace companies with a wide range of safety critical components, such as gears, miniature gearboxes, fuel pumps, engine controls, wing surface actuators and instrumentation.

“Given the sectors we deal with, quality is in the very DNA of FT Gearing Systems and permeates every aspect of our work. A major part of our quality philosophy is to provide our highly skilled staff with the best available machine tools and to maintain close relationships with our machine tools suppliers.

“A perfect example of our use of premium quality production aids is our use of our range of advanced Studer CNC Grinders. These technically superior machines are able to consistently deliver levels of accuracy and repeatability that conventional grinding machines are unable to achieve. For instance, through the use of Studer technology we are able to accomplish sub-micron total cylindricity results on 35mm diameter gear journals, we can also achieve 0.08um levels of surface finish and gear flatness to 3 light bands.

“To enable grinding to sub-micron dimensional tolerances we recently installed our Studer CNC machines in a new, temperature controlled grinding facility. To guarantee the highest possible levels of quality and productivity, we also use the best available grinding consumables and accessories. Therefore, as well as purchasing our Studer Grinders from Advanced Grinding Supplies, we also rely on the company for items such as Diamond Dressing Tools, Precision Centres, Abrasives / Grinding Wheels, Coolant Filter Media and Air Filtration Systems.

“Our Studer CNC Grinders provide excellent levels of precision, surface finish and reliability, they also deliver outstanding levels of production. Even though we have always been delighted with the performance of our Studer machines, mindful of the possibility of technical developments made by other manufacturers, in the past we have considered other brands. Although, each time we have been able to specify a Studer Grinder that perfectly meets our needs and that outperforms the alternatives.”

The Swiss business, Fritz Studer AG was established in 1912. Now an acknowledged leader in its chosen sector, the company manufactures premium quality grinding machines for the internal and external cylindrical grinding of small and medium sized work pieces. Studer’s core strength lies in the production of machines for the efficient grinding of single, small and medium sized production runs.

Peter Harding of Advanced Grinding Supplies concluded. “As exclusive sales agents for Studer Grinding Machines in the South of England and in South Wales, we have established a strong working relationship with FT Gearing. In cooperation with FT Gearing Systems’ Managing Director Graham Fitzgerald, I have been pleased to assist in specifying each new Studer machine so that it exactly meets FT Gearings demanding needs.

“In addition to the staff of Advanced Grinding Supplies being available to offer technical assistance to FT Gearing Systems, we also provide the business with a full range of additional equipment. These consumables, including tooling, help the company to maximise the performance its Studer Grinders.”

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