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Oerlikon Graziano awarded for youth orientation initiatives



Oerlikon Graziano, worldwide leader in the field of Components and Systems for Power Transmission, has been awarded with CSR award, delivered every year to companies that contribute to the orientation of young people through the HRC Millennials initiatives. In 2017 Oerlikon Graziano promoted and joined the “Panorama Careers and Work” project, a series of practical and innovative career guidance workshops to put job seekers in contact with Human Resources managers, sponsoring the event in Turin and Bari.

Oerlikon Graziano is a leading global provider of transmissions systems used in a wide range of automotive solutions, covering passenger cars, commercial and utility vehicles, trucks, agricultural equipment. Thanks to its global footprint in Europe, India, Americas and China, the company is able to meet the customer needs, providing complete and high-tech driveline solutions.

Aware of the strong social role that the organizations must have in helping Millennials to develop an active and effective job search strategy, Oerlikon Graziano promotes the workshops to: allow students and young professionals to come into direct contact with HR Managers of important national companies and corporations; find out technical guidance and tools for their professional future; correct the CV and participate/attend a mock interview. The goal is to improve the organization of companies and work itself, making it an instrument of growth and continuous progress. While professions and professionalism change, a whole generation, the Millennials, faces the world of work by advancing its demands. Oerlikon Graziano is proud to support students and young professionals in their career path and to be part of the change.

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EUROTRANS Gear Training Weeks



As a federation, the EUROTRANS support the interests and represent the European power transmission industry with more than 160.000 people and 600 companies active in our industry. The European gear and drive industry is a leading actor on the worldwide level. As an organization we keep working on reinforcing this leadership with a dynamic research and technological environment. In this vision the EUROTRANS propose a wide range of trainings and seminar with top level experts and academicians from various universities and organization.

This year again and despite a complicate global context, we are happy to announce a new training program for 2020. The gear weeks will be held online with the participation of top industry experts and a wide range of subjects. Organized in collaboration with the FVA Software and service, the training will be held online from the 21th November to 10th December.

Week 1 – Trainer: Dr. Christian Wirth, MAHLE ZG Transmissions GmbH

24.11.2020: Geometry Fundamentals of Involute Gears
25.11.2020: Fundamentals of Bevel and Hypoid Gears
26.11.2020: Basics of Planetary Gears
Week 2 – Trainer: Dr. Ferdinand Wikidal, GearConsult

01.12.2020: Load Capacity Rating Based on Standards
02.12.2020: Gear Design Based on Local Methods
03.12.2020: Application of Gear Rating Methods
Week 3 – Trainer: Dr. Klaus Michaelis, Institute of Machine Elements of the Technical University of Munich, “Gear Research Center” (FZG)

08.12.2020: Optimal Use of Gear Materials
09.12.2020: Basic Rating Practice for Safely Avoiding Gear Failures
10.12.2020: Practice-oriented tests for gear lubricants

All modules are scheduled from 03:00 PM – 04:30 PM CET

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Vesconite borehole spiders continue to perform




Spiders that were manufactured from Vesconite continue to be used to support the shafts of two borehole pumps installed on a Meyerton, South Africa, vegetable farm.

Some 28 spiders were manufactured at Sima Turners, of Johannesburg, South Africa, for the owner’s farm some 15 years ago and these are still functioning to support two borehole pump shafts that reach 78m into the ground.

Farm owner Roland Gaberthuel designed the pump configuration that is able to pump 2-million litres of water a day.

He chose Vesconite as a replacement for bronze spiders since bronze was deemed to be heavy and likely to be stolen for its resale value should they be out the borehole during maintenance.

The spiders have an outer diameter of 100mm and a shaft of one inch, with 8mm radiating spokes – the spider’s legs that give the part its name.

Vesconite has often been used as a line shaft bushing that supports borehole pump shafts.

Its self lubricating properties and good wear characteristics mean that it is a suitable for the wear mating surface.

However, in this application, the spider is used to centralise the shaft.

Gaberthuel notes that the Vesconite is likely to last as long as the pumps, and it is expected that there will be no need to replace the spiders.

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Cutting Tools

Torque limiter type ECA for belt drives




Applications of torque limiters can be found in all sectors of technique, in each and every machine or facility where torques have to be limited to protect machines or products from overload.

The torque limiter type ECA, which is especially engineered for belt drives prevents such overload damages or at least reduces them to a minimum.

Particular worth was put on compulsion-cutting and fast switching function. Simple, light elements avoid  adverse  dullness of mass or switching. They were chosen because to heavy switching elements could considerable increase the (static adjusted) disengagement torque in case of a dynamic collision and therefore also the destructive collision forces.

In contrary to conventional friction clutches the ECA has a very high repeatability of the adjusted disengagement torque. It’s free of clearance and self-reliantly re-engages after 1 turn.

The movement of switching can be sampled by a proximity switch. 17 design sizes make a total torque range of 0.5 Nm up to 470 Nm overall.


The ECA forms a very compact unit together with a crown gear, which hardly uses some additional place, and its deliverable in diverse versions (with keyway or conical bush).

Especially to be highlighted is the type ECA 1, because it’s one of the smallest torque limiters available on market, see therefore picture.

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